October 18, 2019
3 months and 6 days since
our Reunion.


The time for a pause in our lives to celebrate our departure from the noble institution, Munro College, has now arrived. This era in our lives represents thirty years of life beyond the gates of Munro College and the evolution of young boys to men with firm roots of brotherhood, loyalty and comradeship.
We all arrived at the good old MC in September of 1984. Our backgrounds varied but we all had the spirit of oneness and unity. Some were bold. Some were timid whilst others stayed within the confines of imaginary walls of strong parental guidance. A few were mortified, afraid and detached as the reality of leaving the confines of home to the unknown of two worlds: One of fear and the other of survival established by stories of Munro legends, ragging, frigid temperatures, corporal punishment and the expectations of becoming a student of Munro College.
All can attest to one hundred and twenty boys from St. Elizabeth and beyond becoming a great entity of high school brothers that remain solidly focused on keeping that bond for thirty years. We recall the days of A, Alpha and X and to this day, still possess the rivalry of which class was the best or is the best. “A” represents the “Alpha” and “X” still remains unknown.  The transition from primary to secondary had many wanting to keep the band of brotherhood from pre-Munro days. It was normal to see a healthy competitive spirit from the lads within their cliques which was now fortified by the house system – Sangster, Coke-Farquharson, Pearman-Calder, Harrison and Dickenson.

Munro has given us character, strength and wisdom. The lessons were exceptional. Consequently, we are the distinguished gentlemen of the Class of 89 continuing to grow in strength and supporting each other with our own resourcefulness and skills.
Let us not forget who we are and from whence we came to be the leaders we are in today’s society - locally and globally. We are everywhere representing school and most importantly country.
Live the dream gentlemen with thirty years of progress from the day of exit from our beloved Alma Mater.

Howard "Howie" Williams
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